Wednesday, July 29, 2015

That's My Son!

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

There was a time not many years ago when I would have probably cringed if someone told me that there was a story about one of my kids in the newspaper, but thankfully my children and I have reached a stage in life where most of the news is good news.

Tim, my youngest, is a budding screenwriter and novelist who has been the subject of articles in two southern Missouri daily newspapers over the past two days.   Yesterday the West Plains Daily Quill ran a front page piece on his new movie project, a tale of an abandoned child in the Ozarks entitled Tatterdemalion.   The film will be shot primarily in and around West Plains beginning on August 6th.  It will feature some out-of-town talent as well as the efforts of some local actors.   The article also contained a nice photo of Tim.

I bought copies of The Quill at a couple of different stores yesterday afternoon, always making sure to show the store clerks the photo of Tim on the front page as I stated proudly, "That's my son!"

Today the Neosho Daily News also ran a feature piece on Tim that focused on his novel, You're Invited!, a work of fiction rooted in the awful Joplin tornado of 2011.  Our family lived in Neosho when Tim was in Middle School, and the setting of the book is based on his memories of the town at that time.   The electronic version of You're Invited! is available through Amazon, and proceeds are going to the victim's fund for the Joplin tornado.

I guess maybe I need to start a scrapbook!

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