Friday, July 24, 2015

Nick Macy at Forty-Two

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

My oldest son, Nick, was born forty-two years ago today at Camp Kue Army Hospital on Okinawa.  He grew up in southwest Missouri and for nearly the past twenty years has lived on the outskirts of West Plains, Missouri.  Nick has been a big help to me as I transition into the retirement phase of life.

Today Nick and I took a road trip with our dogs - my little Rosie and his large Boston terrier, Riley.  We drove back over to southwest Missouri and spent some time with Nick's sixteen-year-old son, Boone.  Boone will be a junior at Neosho High School next month.  That is the school where both Nick and my father graduated from high school.

While we were out running around we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, the best of three in Neosho, a place where my dad always enjoyed eating.  The official name of the restaurant is the "Oriental House," but dad never failed to call it the "China Man's."  I don't think he meant that in a derogatory manner because it was his favorite restaurant.

I had business in Neosho today.  I cleaned out a safety deposit box that I have rented since 1989.  It's where I kept my coin collection, but I hadn't been in the box in several years and was surprised at a few things I unearthed beneath the many rolls of wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, and Liberty quarters.  One item of interest that I came across was a set of my old army dog tags.   I guess I ought to start wearing the dog tags in case dementia strikes while I am away from home!

I only had one key to the box, and knew that I had been given two back in 1989 when I rented it.  I expected to have to pay the fee - only$5.00 - for the replacement key, but was pleased and surprised when I found the missing safety deposit box key inside of the box!  I guess I must have put it there for "safekeeping!"

We had a nice trip and got to spend some time with Boone.  The dogs were good and slept for most of the trip.  But the drive, almost four hundred miles round-trip, wore me out.  I will sleep well tonight!

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