Sunday, July 19, 2015

Run Joe, Run!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The number of Republican presidential aspirants who have at least some name recognition has now reached fifteen with the potential of more as the raging winds of change blow through America's political forests knocking the nuts and over-ripe fruit from the trees.  The Democrats, on the other hand, have only managed to field five candidates to date, with only two of those, Bernie Sanders and Mrs. Bill Clinton, managing to absorb most of the printer's ink and air in the room.

Yesterday the press began posting stories about a possible sixth entrant into the Democratic race for the White House - and this candidate would be a biggie, one capable of wrestling headlines away from Bernie and Hillary.  The next Democratic contender may very well be Joe Biden.

Biden's people are whispering to the press that the Vice President had been encouraged to run by his son, Beau, shortly before the young man's recent death from cancer, as well as by other family members, and he is indeed thinking about tossing his hat into the ring.  An announcement is likely to be made in September.

A Biden candidacy would be good for the Democratic Party, adding wisdom, vision and political strength (and a bit of humor) to an already formidable field of candidates.  A strong primary race will give America an opportunity to understand the differences between a party that actually wants to lead the country forward versus a party whose only objectives are to move money and power away from common folks (the electorate).

Joe Biden will add to the democratic process with his broad government background and his gift of plain speaking.     When Joe talks, people listen - and they understand.

Vice President Biden, your party and your nation need you.  Run, Joe, run!

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