Friday, July 10, 2015

Rosie the Birthday Dog

by Pa Rock
Dog Person

Little Rosie, the nosey Chihuahua, came to live at my house last year on September 1st.  She had been born in Caulfield, Missouri a few weeks earlier on July 10th.  When I met Rosie she and her sister were in a box at a stand by the side of the road waiting to be sold.  The first thing she did when we were introduced was to lick my face!

Rosie has done very well in the ten months that she has been with me.   I took her to the vet the day after she arrived here and he pronounced her in good health.  She weighed one pound and one ounce on that first visit.  Rosie now weighs a little over six pounds.

Although Rosie is the undisputed queen of Rock's Roost, she has competition for attention from Thor Longmire, a juvenile Great Pyrenees who lives outside and is the sheriff of the farm, and Riley, a very large Boston terrier who has recently moved into our home.  Rosie does quite well playing with these other two dogs.  She is quite tiny compared to the two bigger dogs, but she literally can run rings around them - and does!

Rosie likes to travel.  She has accompanied me to McDonald County (200 miles) and to Kansas City (275 miles) on numerous occasions.  A couple of weeks ago I went to Kansas City without her and she apparently pouted all weekend.

But today is Rosie's birthday and her pouting is over!   She has a birthday toy (a stuffed heart) that has captured her attention, and later today she will receive a dried pig snout.  Yummy!

So, happy birthday, Rosie Girl.  May you have many, many more!

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