Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bring on the Clowns!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Do ministers lie and spew nonsense in vain attempts to influence stupid people?  Some may not – but I’ll wager that many do -  and Reverend Mike Huckabee is certainly a case in point.   Huckabee, the other man from Hope, honed his skills as a liar while begging from a Baptist pulpit, and he later went on to do graduate work in lying as an entertainer on Fox News, a network not known for its truthiness in broadcasting.

This week Huckabee tried to fire up the tea party lemmings when he stated flat-out that President Obama, by signing an agreement with Iran, had led the Israelis up to the oven door.   That statement was tacky, in excruciatingly bad taste, and a total falsehood – and Huckabee no doubt knew that he was spewing high-grade Arkansas horesshit, but the point wasn’t to inform – it was to inflame - a journalistic technique he mastered during his stint at Fox News.

More to the point, and as President Obama suggested the next day, the former Arkansas governor was trying to knock Donald Trump off of the front pages.

Mike Huckabee, like the other Republican crazies who lust to be President, is having a hard time being heard because Donald Trump has been successfully making himself all the news all the time. 

And many GOP candidates are beginning to show signs of desperation, primarily by copying The Donald’s highly successful strategy of lobbing nonsense bombs with wild abandon and practicing what Letterman might refer to as "Stupid Politician Tricks."

The Huffington Post ran a story on this phenomenon yesterday and gave not only the example of Huckabee and his “oven” comment, but added antics by three other GOP hopefuls as well.  The news service mentioned Senator Ted Cruz calling Senator Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor, and noted that the Senate responded very harshly to the Joe McCarthy look-alike and wannabe.  Cruz countered the procedural rebuke by leaving the Senate chamber and meeting outside with a group of reporters where he again trashed the majority leader.

Senator Rand Paul, according to the Huffington Post, donned a pair of goggles and cut up a copy of the U.S. Tax Code with a chainsaw.    It was not a particularly senatorial act, but the carnage did make for a great photo op.  Take that, Trump!

And Senator Lindsey Graham, John McCain’s BFF and then some,  tried to savage Donald Trump for his badmouthing of McCain – but he learned the hard way that Trump is a hard man to trifle with.  Trump responded to Lindsey Graham’s snit-fit by revealing the senator’s private cell phone number and urging people to call him.  Graham, undoubtedly even more pissed, decided that if he couldn’t get away with attacking Trump directly, perhaps he could grab some headlines by attacking cell phones.  Graham managed to get himself photographed putting cell phones in a blender, cutting them up with a butcher knife, and dropping some off of a rooftop!  

You just can’t get much more presidential than that! 

But there was one more outlandish remark by a GOP presidential contender that the Huffington Post  failed to include in its story.  Former governor Rick Perry of Texas raised a few eyebrows when he commented on the theatre shooter in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Perry said that he believes the threat to life and limb in theatres would go away if movie-goers were allowed to enter the theatres armed.  It’s the old NRA standard lie – more guns make us safer.   Sitting in a packed movie house, in the dark, knowing that the place was full of gun-toting morons would be far more exciting than anything Hollywood could put up on the screen.  You betcha it would!

So this week in the clown car we have a lying minister making Holocaust allusions, a U.S. Senator who can’t or won’t play well with other senators, another senator with a chainsaw fetish, yet another senator who gets his giggles by destroying cell phones, and a former governor who lets Wayne LaPierre and Ted Nugent do his thinking for him.

And they would all love to be as popular as Donald Trump.

The only thing that could make this race any better would be if Sarah Palin declared her candidacy!

Bring on the clowns!  The debates are going to be hilarious!

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