Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trump on the Stump

by Pa Rock
Political Junkie

The Republican clown car just got crazier than most people thought it ever could yesterday with the official entry of the blowhard with the bad hair, Donald Trump, into the presidential race.   Trump, a real estate developer and reality television star who is best known for publicly humiliating and then firing people, has threatened to run for President during past election cycles, but never followed through.    Now, however, the attention-seeking media whore has thrown his cash into the ring and is officially running for President.

Not surprisingly, the serious Republican candidates (oxymoron?) are rushing to put daylight between themselves and The Donald.   No one, it would seem, is eager to share a debate stage with someone who is that outspoken and unpredictable.  Polling numbers are working their way through news stories today, each "trumpeting" different aspects of Trump's unpopularity.

Fox News, the de facto propaganda arm of the Republican Party, has released numbers from one of its own polls showing that 59% of Republicans say they would never vote for Donald Trump.  ABC News / Washington Post Polls show that he has a 71% unfavorable rating among Republicans.  (I didn't see the numbers on Sarah Palin, but one suspects even she could do better than that.)

So, it looks as though the American public will be in for some world-class comedy during the 2016 election cycle as the GOP hopefuls climb over one another trying to get their faces in front of the cameras.  It's going to be like watching a barrel of monkeys playing with Bibles and guns while flinging their feces at one another!

I'm predicting that popcorn sales will skyrocket!

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