Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jim Crow Is Alive and Packing Heat!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The National Rifle Association has worked relentlessly the past few years to bully state legislatures into passing asinine laws that essentially allow any fool to openly carry and type of gun anywhere the aforesaid fool damned well pleases.  The NRA and the state legislatures really did not intend for that Constitutional “right” and subsequent laws to benefit everyone, however.  There appears to have been an underlying intent that only a certain class of people would (or should) be able to avail themselves of the legal ability to openly carry weapons – the white class.

There is a very interesting short film currently receiving a bunch of attention on YouTube that goes a long way toward exposing societal attitudes regarding open-carry – or at least showcasing the attitudes of some of the police who are charged with enforcing our laws.  In the film two nice looking young men are seen in individual segments walking down an urban street.  Each of the men has identical assault rifles strapped to their shoulders.  The primary difference between the two is that one  man is white and the other is black.

The white man is stopped by a policeman as he is walking along and questioned about why he is carrying an automatic weapon.   His answer, given in a somewhat loud and belligerent manner, is that he is exercising his right to carry the weapon.   As the conversation continues, it is obvious that the guy with the gun will prevail.

Scene two was the young black man carrying the automatic weapon.  A police car pulls up and a cop jumps out, weapon drawn, and orders the man to lie down on the sidewalk.  The guy does as he is told, but all the while keeps explaining to the officer that he too is exercising his right to open-carry.   The policeman also orders the lady filming the incident – who says she is seven months pregnant - to lie on the sidewalk.  The young officer, who by that time has complete control of the “incident,” calls for back-up, and before the scene ends five police cars have shown up.

The right to open-carry means that if you are a toothless, tattooed, pot-bellied hillbilly – and white – you should be able to strap on as many guns as you can physically carry and go wherever you want.    Cops need to get the hell out of your way because the law, and the NRA, and God are all on your side.  However, if you are a black attorney educated at an ivy-league school, well . . . if you take your gun to town, police might just perceive you as a threat – and we all know what can happen then.

Militarized police, citizen militias, vigilantes, gun rights, open-carry, stand your ground.  Jim Crow hasn't died, he's alive and packing!

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