Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hey Bubba, Obama's Coming to Take Your Confederate Flag!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

As a direct result of the racist killings that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina a week ago, major retailers Walmart and Sears announced that they were going to quit selling Confederate flags and merchandise bearing Confederate flag logos.  Public pressure immediately coalesced onto Amazon and eBay to follow suit - which they did yesterday.  But before Amazon announced the shift in policy, they made a pile of money off of stupid people who feared the worst - that Obama was going to come and take away their Confederate flags.

The people rushing to stockpile the Stars and Bars and driving Amazon sales of the flags up more than 8,800 percent were, of course, basically the same segment of the buying public that the NRA routinely whips into a frenzy in order to help their real clients, the American gun lobby, sell more guns. They aren't smart, but by God they will not fall victim to that black socialist who stole the White House from real Americans!

The gun and flag hoarders are buoyed in their belief system by the Bible, which few have read and even fewer understand or practice, and Fox News, where other stupid people yell at them and tell them what to believe.

(Shameful admissions:  I had a Confederate flag hanging on the wall of my apartment for awhile when I was in college.  It was a statement, I suppose, though now I am non-plussed as to what I had been trying to say.  That was nearly a half-century ago and times have changed - and thankfully I have changed with them.  Over the course of my life I have also owned two guns - both shot BB's and neither was necessary for my personal security- they just made me feel bigger than I actually was.)  

I'm glad to see the Confederate flag coming down from public buildings, and I suspect that other southern states may soon remove the symbol from their official state flags.  When international corporations like Walmart speak, two-bit state politicians tend to shake and quake.  But I am also realistic enough to know that the old symbol of enslavement of other human beings will not disappear altogether.

As mass distribution sources dry up, the flags will begin proliferating at craft and gun shows.    Making the flags by hand is one more thing that the tattooed women of the hills can do for an income while their menfolk sit on the couch watching television, drinking beer, and trying to figure out how to cook meth.

Keep flying those flags, Bubba.  They will help Obama figure out where you domestic terrorists are holed up.  And keep an eye on the sky - those black helicopters and drones are everywhere!

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Xobekim said...

I may be wrong, but weren't you a student of Colonel Huff in the History Department? He was supposed to be a really good teacher who focused on the Civil War. Seems to me a lot of the Stars and Bars at SMS were displayed by students of his.