Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Tao of Cher

by Pa Rock
Disciple of Cher

Having come of age in the sixties, I have seen more than my fair share of concerts and live performances - from college fare to Branson to Vegas to Broadway - but of all of the hundreds of shows that I have seen and enjoyed, one stands out clearly from the rest.  On May 31st, 2014, I had a great seat at the Sprint Center in Kansas City where I enjoyed the singing and theatrics of Cyndi Lauper followed by an astounding performance by Cher.

Cher entered that performance standing atop a thirty-foot pillar - the high priestess of the age.

It was one hell of an evening!  Both ladies pulled out all of the stops as they led the audience on a nostalgic musical road trip.   They worked hard to see that everyone left feeling that they had gotten more than their money's worth - and there wasn't a cheap seat in the house!

So I am a Cher fan - unashamedly.

Yesterday there was a political Cher story on the internet.  The iconic entertainer had tweeted her opinion of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, to wit:

"Donald Trump's ego is so inflated, he might as well be the Hindenberg.  In dictionary next to 'Obnoxious Asshole' see photo of 'The Donald.'"

I quickly pulled my dictionary off of the shelf, and there was Trump's picture - right where Cher said it would be!  The woman is amazing!

One of Cher's other fans (a lesser fan than me) responded back to her tweet by asking her to choose between Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, another Republican presidential candidate and troglodyte.  Cher's response:

"That's like saying 'would you rather have a migraine or throw up?'"

Yet another fan asked if she would ever agree to have her picture taken with Trump, to which Cher replied that she would rather stick needles in her own eyes.

Hard to believe that Cher's musical other half, Sonny Bono, went on to become a conservative Republican congressman before being felled by a tree.

Cher, however, remains true to the spirit and tao of the sixties.   The world is her stage, and Donald Trump is her doormat!

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