Saturday, June 13, 2015

Religious Quackery

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Our community supports one of those free advertising rags that provides locals with a way to find or sell almost anything.  Thousands of copies are distributed each week to eager consumers, making it undoubtedly the most widely ready publication of any type within the area.   For weeks I faithfully checked this paper looking for the perfect farm dog - and eventually that is where I found him.  I still scan the front page every week along with the "pets" section - as much out of habit as anything.

A few weeks ago there was an ad on the front page that caught my attention.   A doctor was going to be conducting a weekly "study" on the "biblical principles for healthy living."  Normally that wouldn't have drawn more than a cursory glance from me - there are "doctors", and then there are "doctors", after all.  But this doctor was a genuine physician - one who had direct responsible for a critical component of my health care.

Religion is fine, in its place, and it brings comfort to many people.  But for my own personal health care, I have a strong preference for medical practitioners who are totally and unashamedly grounded in science, real science - not the type promoted in Texas textbooks.   I will soon be replacing this specialist with one who hopefully is a better fit.

Stories about religion being conflated with science are becoming more commonplace.  Anytime our country experiences a natural catastrophe, there is always some two-bit huckster/prophet grabbing a microphone to proclaim that the event was God's will.  California, for example, has been undergoing a severe drought for four years - the worst in more than twelve hundred years.  It has become so bad that the state government has announced that it will be reducing the amount of water available to California's farmers - an act that will soon reach into the pocketbooks of consumers across the nation.

And, of course, the demagogues are already out using the drought to promote their own issues.

California assemblywoman Shannon Grove has it all figured out.  The drought, according to the Bible-thumping politician, is a direct result of God's wrath over California's easy access to abortions.  She believes that more restrictive abortion laws would bring about an end to the drought - and she is therefore supporting one of those patently unconstitutional 20-week abortion bans that are coming into vogue in the dark red states.

It's not about climate change brought about by man's disregard of the environment, is it Shannon?  Jesus is due back in a matter of weeks now, isn't he, Shannon - so it doesn't make one wit's worth of difference how we treat the planet because the good people, God's defenders, are about to be lifted up and raptured away.   But until J-Boy arrives at the Los Angeles Greyhound station, let's keep the focus right where it belongs - on vaginas, or gay marriage, or skin color, or guns, or whatever - anything but the need to protect our planet and care for one another.

Lord, protect us from the evils and absurdities of "good" Christians!

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