Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pope Francis Warns of the Destruction of Creation

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Pope Francis, who is currently on a brief pilgrimage to the Middle East (Jordan and Israel), stirred things up again  last week before leaving Rome.  The Pontiff made one of his infamous outrageous remarks, the kind he routinely employs in his quest to show Catholics (and everyone else for that matter) just what it means to be a true and courageous disciple of Christ.

Pope Francis talked climate change - a topic so controversial that the United States House of Representatives last week passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill forbidding the Pentagon from assessing for climate change as a component of our nation's defenses.  

Like the Pentagon, the Popes have traditionally had to answer to an assemblage of self-serving, comfortable elitists.  But now Francis has stood up and spoken out.

Pope Francis, who is outspoken in his belief that climate change is occurring and that it is happening as a result of actions by man, spoke last week of the need for safeguarding creation because "if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us!"  His remarks seemed to be a message for the one-percent and focused on instances of wealthy minorities exploiting the planet at the expense of the poor.

The destruction of the planet is, according to the Pope, a "sinful act" which he compared to self-idolatry.

This Pope, the freshest breeze to blow through the Vatican in the past two thousand years, continues to give a lot of "good" Christians heartburn.  For that alone, we should sing his praises!

Keep telling it like it is, Your Holiness!

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Don said...

Francis is the breath of fresh air the Vatican has needed for the past 1,200 years or so. His humility and humanity are in evidence everywhere he goes. And the fact that he flew in to Palestine directly from Jordan (rather than taking the usual route of transit through Israel)was exemplary in and of itself.