Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Hillary Conspiracies

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I noted in this space a few days back that the Republican misinformation machine is already cranking out rumors and conspiracy theories regarding the next nemesis on their horizon:  Hillary Clinton.  The Benghazi theatre that the House of Representatives is orchestrating solely to embarrass the former Secretary of State and First Lady - and to suck money from their base - is just one example.  I also mentioned that some are questioning the timing of Chelsea's pregnancy and suggesting the former First Child managed to get herself pregnant for the sole purpose of making her mother into a more appealing presidential candidate.

I highlighted Monica Lewinsky's recent reemergence from the shadows of time, and suggested that she won't be the last ghost of Bill Clinton's presidency to put in an appearance.  There seems to be a strong desire in conservative quarters to mortally wound Hillary Clinton's political aspirations - and to get it done quickly.

All of those shots, including the Benghazi circus, are mere gnats on the corpse of true democracy compared to the most recent bomb lobbed by the reigning master of sleaze, Karl Rove.   In recent remarks at a conference Rove suggested, or at least strongly implied, that Mrs. Clinton might be suffering from brain damage.  Rove was talking about the fall the former Hillary suffered in 2012 due to dehydration, a fall that resulted in a blood clot in her brain and a delay in her testimony at that year's House Committee Benghazi hearing due to a brief hospitalization.

Rove supposedly noted that Hillary had spent thirty days in the hospital after the fall (it was actually three days), and that she left the hospital wearing a special type of sunglasses used by stroke victims.  The Daily Kos today published photos of Hillary wearing those same glasses - at several different times and locations - all prior to her accident.

Now, of course, once the thought is planted in the press and in the American consciousness, Rove is busy denying that he said what he said.  Again those words, "Hillary" and "brain damage," get to play out in the press by virtue of Rove's denial of having said them.

And some Republican politicians, like John McCain, have stepped forward to criticize Rove's assertion, stressing that "Hillary" obviously doe not have "brain damage" - again those words - again in the press.  Bill Clinton, himself a very cagey politician, was cornered by journalist Gwen Ifill and had to issue a denial to what was initially a very crafty lie.  Bill's denial became another news story using this same words.

Karl Rove, the man who set up the robocalls in South Carolina in 2008 which suggested John McCain had a black love child, has pulled a master stroke with this brain damage story.    It appears to be one of those proverbial gifts that just keep on giving.

And if Hillary steps forward denies the story - well, that's one more day the press and the public and link the words "Hillary" and "brain damage."

Karl, you've definitely won the past few news cycles.  But take care, pal - you're swimming with sharks!

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Xobekim said...

Brainghazi was dead on arrival. Rove, whose last major opus brought the GOP the spot off polling data on election night (to the dismay of Mitt and the millionaires),bombed again. Even Bill O'Reilly gave this lame attempt at swift-boating the thumbs down.

Raising the specter of Monica's stained dress is another GOP loser. It reminds the voters, especially the lady voters, of the principled manner in which Secretary Clinton handled her husband's indiscretion. If they think she should have divorced her philandering spouse, well that's not a very Christian concept is it?