Saturday, May 10, 2014

Olive Visits the Farm

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

Little Olive, my granddaughter, brought her parents down to the farm to see me yesterday, and they are all still here enjoying the peace and quiet of life in the Ozarks.

We have been out back to see the baby chickens and turkeys several times, and Olive even got to help Pa Rock feed them.  I showed Olive where a ground hog has his hole - one that runs beneath the barn, and she spent the next fifteen minutes or so walking around and around the barn - each time stopping to comment on the ground hog's hole.  Olive has never seen a ground hog, so she made up her mind it was a  "puppy dog" hole!

Today we found a robin's nest with three hungry babies poking their heads out waiting on their mama to bring them some food.  The mother was flying around, landing in trees and on fence posts, all the while giving us the evil eye.  She did not like her routine being interrupted.

Junior, my part-time dog, came by last evening and got acquainted with everyone.  We are barbecuing outside tonight along with my oldest son and some of his family, so I suspect Junior will smell the food and come by for a visit.

This morning we went to the Children's Park in West Plains where Olive seemed to have a grand time playing on all of the nice playground equipment.   When we finished at the playground, Tim and Erin took Olive and me to a nice Mexican restaurant for lunch.

Everything is calm and peaceful at Pa Rock's Roost!  It's nice to have family visiting!

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molly. said...

Olive is exploring! You've given her a nice environment to do that in. Enjoy! :)