Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And You're a Dumbass!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Every state in the nation now has a law permitting people to carry concealed weapons - including states like Missouri where the people voted against that "right," and the legislature had to go in and "correct" the decision of the people.  But the firebrands at the National Rifle Association who work for America's gun manufacturers never rest on their laurels.  There are always more barriers to be shot torn down, more work to be done.

Now nearly half of the states have gone well beyond the concept of "concealed carry" and passed laws allowing for the "open carry" of firearms in many public locations.  But again, those ultra-patriotic, three-toothed wonders at the National Rifle Association want more.  It's not enough that people have the "right" to carry their guns in public, now they must do so in organized demonstrations and rub the public's face in it.

What's the point in being armed if you can't bully and intimidate people?

The restaurant chain, Chipolte, initially allowed open carry guns in its restaurants in states where it is legal, but last week a group of armed customers, organized under the cover of "Open Carry Texas" showed up at a Chipolte in Dallas and made the regular customers very uncomfortable.  The yahoos weren't armed with pretty little pearl-handled pistols, but were instead toting big guns - and some had assault rifles strapped across their backs.

A group of local citizens and members of "Moms Demand Action" (an anti-gun group with the financial backing of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) started a petition asking that Chipolte review its policy on allowing armed customers in its restaurants.   It quickly had over ten thousand signatures.  Chipolte blinked and issued a polite letter asking that gun owners leave their weapons at home when they had the urge to eat a burrito at Chipolte.

Now there have been two more incidents, also in Texas.  One pack of armed customers descended on a Sonic Drive-In in San Antonio, and the other disrupted service at a Chili's in the same city.   Both restaurants declined to serve the "Open Carry" demonstrators.  One young woman using her cell phone for a camera walked up to the some of the armed patrons at Chili's where one of the guys with a gun tried to give her a flier.

"Um, actually" she responded.  "There's children here . . . and you're a dumbass."

Have the dumbass overlords, the National Rifle Association, finally over-extended themselves?  Sadly, it's doubtful.  If Newtown didn't wake America up, armed gangs at the local Dari-Queen probably won't either.  But these people will keep pushing the limits, and some day they will go too far.

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Don said...

It's hard to imagine what "going too far" might look like.