Friday, January 11, 2013

Freezing Tonight

by Pa Rock

Arizona has an abundance of weather patterns, but in and around the central part of the state, where Phoenix is located, it is generally hot (hotter than hell) in late spring, summer, and early fall, and relatively pleasant the rest of the year - with little or no precipitation ever.  Former governor Janet Napolitano once remarked that when it rains in Phoenix, it is reported on the front page of the local newspaper.

A few years ago (before I lived here) my daughter said that there was actually a very light snowfall in Phoenix that lasted all of a few minutes, but I have never seen it snow here.  Tonight, strangely enough, the weather forecast is for possible freezing temperatures.  That will be a first for me in this city.  No snow, just uncomfortable cold.

Friends of mine took their kids to Flagstaff over Christmas so they could experience some snow.  Flagstaff, in the northern part of the state near the Grand Canyon, usually experiences lots of winter snow and even the occasional blizzard.  Another friend and I seriously thought we were going to perish on the interstate near Flagstaff one cold March afternoon a few years back when we got caught in a sudden blizzard.  We had just left Phoenix a few hours before where we had spent part of the morning picking oranges and grapefruit.

Yuma, to the west along the California border, is also hot, but it has mountains very close by for quick relief from the heat.  Tucson, to the south,  has some elevation, though not nearly as much as Flagstaff, and the weather there is usually more pleasant and bearable than it is in Phoenix.

Tomorrow I will break out my winter coat and probably wear it all of two or three days.  I don't even own an ice-scraper.    Sometimes I worry that I am becoming too soft to ever move back home to the Ozarks - but I hope not!

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