Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Dead Pool Results

by Pa Rock
Dead Pool Master

We are well into the second week of 2013, and I have finally gotten around to tabulating the results for last year's dead pool.  Sorry about the delay.  For those who would like to review the complete list of the entries, they are posted on the January 19th, 2012, issue of this blog.

A total of seven individuals on the entries died this year:  Ray Bradbury, Joe Paterno, Andy Griffith, Andy Williams, Etta James, Robin Gibb, and Celeste Holm - with a couple of those being chosen by multiple players.

And the winners were...

David S. of Arkansas with correct picks of Etta James who died at the age of 73 for 27 points and Robin Gibbs who died at the age of 62 for 38 points.  David's total was 65 points.

Brenda K. of Missouri, a past winner, took second place with three correct guesses:  Ray Bradbury (9 points), Andy Griffith (14 points), and Andy Williams (16 points) for a total of 39 points.

Third place went to Leslie K. of Arizona (by way of Oregon!) with a correct guess of Etta James for 27 points.

Those were the money spots.  Beyond that were Rob B. of Kansas who scored 15 points for his Joe Paterno selection, Tim M. of Missouri who scored 14 for his Andy Griffith choice, and myself with 5 points for Celeste Holm.

The checks will be in the mail on Monday.  If anyone discovers any errors in the tabulations, please notify the Dead Pool Master ASAP.

Thanks for entering!  Please give me some feedback on whether you would like to see this endeavor continue for 2013 or not.


nilraps said...

I'm in for 2013.

Don said...

It's a wonderful contest. I just wish more folks would sign up.