Sunday, June 24, 2012


by Pa Rock
Peaceful Drifter

Today Murphy and I joined a small group of people from Kadena Air Base and went on a tour to Zamami, one of the beautiful Kerama Islands that dot the blue seas along the coast of southern Okinawa.  Most of the day - for me - was spent beach-combing and trying to stay out of the hot sun.  Murphy rented a motorcycle and did a private tour of the island.  He also did some snorkeling while I sat under a beach umbrella and read.

Our guide for today's travels was a delightful little Okinawan woman named Setsuko who is a walking, talking history book on Japan and Okinawa.  She was born in Kin Village, Okinawa, three months before the Battle of Okinawa and has developed a life-long interest in that subject in particular - and history in general.

Setsuko is very short and probably doesn't way a hundred pounds, but she fancies herself to be overweight.  One of her favorite sayings is to tell a tall person, "If you will give me an inch, I will give you ten pounds!"  She also blurted out several times during the day, "Americans all look alike!"

Setsuko told of going to the States during the late sixties and early seventies to "look for a sugar daddy."  She said that she unfortunately chose the wrong city in which husband-shop:  San Francisco!

According to Setsuko, Zamami is the most beautiful of the islands that surround Okinawa.  She said that (in her opinion) Yoron is the second most beautiful and Tokashiki is third.  Today completed my sweep of her top three!

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