Saturday, June 30, 2012

Temporary Quarters

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

I rolled off of the old air mattress just after dawn cracked this morning and began the final sweep of my apartment.  I was still hauling and pitching when the landlord's office girl showed up at 0930 hours to check me out and collect my keys.

I will be living at the Shogun Inn (guest housing) on Kadena for the next fourteen days.  The building that I am in was military billeting at one time, but looks as though it has been remodeled to fit other needs over the intervening years.  My apartment has a small kitchen with a microwave, large refrigerator, and a sink.  The living room has several comfortable chairs and a large television.  The bathroom is large, though nothing special.

The bedroom, however, will take some getting used to.  It is small and cramped with a regular-size bed and another large television.  The closet is the smallest that I have ever seen in a motel-type of room - approximately three feet in width and maybe eighteen inches deep.  There is about a foot of space for hanging long items, like pants, but most of that is taken up with an ironing board and an iron.  The two feet reserved for shirts is atop a three drawer chest - upon which sits the room safe - so a shirt cannot hang there but must be semi-wadded.  Then, to frost the cake, the closet sits right behind the bedroom door which must be closed in order to open the closet!

Military planning at its finest!

The room is only forty dollars a night, so I guess it's a case of getting what you pay for!

Tonight friends Murphy and Nefredia and I are going to the Officer's Club at Camp Courtney to listen to jazz - which is great because I really need to unwind!

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