Friday, June 1, 2012

The Pressure Is Building

by Pa Rock

I returned to work today after a few days or rest and relaxation in Guam - and an extra day off for good measure.  And after wading into all of the stuff that was waiting on me this morning, I was glad that I did get away for awhile.

I now have a date for when my household goods will be picked up - in approximately three weeks.  That will leave me with three more weeks in an empty apartment or in some type of transitional housing until I, myself, am transported off of the island and safely back to Arizona.

But nothing is simple where the military is concerned.  I have now received five emails from moving companies regarding the shipment of my household goods, several with requirements for things like signing certain forms and checking for mold.  Those five emails are in addition to the various forms that I was handed in person when the arrangements were made.  I have also been given forms about my air travel back to the states along with information regarding various deadlines that I must meet.

I am also hung up with the Army while it tries to decide how much temporary housing (if any) they will pay during my last few weeks on Okinawa - information I must have because my landlord needs to know what date I will be vacating my over-priced apartment.

My current employer has sent out a list of requirements that I must meet before I can leave my job here with a clean slate, and my next employer is also battering me with emails mandating that I quickly fill out certain forms and scan them back to Arizona.

I am also focused on figuring out how to get rid of my damaged little car.  Today a gate guard asked me when I was going to get the side-mirror fixed.

All of that, and I am still seeing clients!

I feel so used!

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