Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sarah Palin on Cooking Geese

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One of the worst aspects of losing an important election, like the failed recall of Scott Walker in Wisconsin yesterday, is that the event itself puts air in the lungs of totally failed politicians and reactionary news hacks like Sarah Palin of Alaska.  The windbag from the Arctic Circle, who could not even summon the work ethic to serve out her one term as governor, is suddenly inflated by the news out of Wisconsin - and is zipping around aimlessly and spewing her gases - like balloon that has just been set free.  Fortunately, like a runaway balloon, no one will pay attention to her for long.  Part of Sarah's charm is her almost instant forgetability.

The effervescent Ms. Palin, sporting a new pair of glasses that were designed, no doubt, to present her as an intellectual, went on Fox News (where else!) to offer her carefully reasoned and eloquent assessment that President Obama's "goose is cooked."

Sarah, you are right about the menu, though not about the particular fowl.  A goose was cooked, but it belonged to the people of Wisconsin - and they cooked it themselves.  The President's bird is still flying high, Sweetie, and the Koch brothers don't have the money or the brains to get it into a deep fryer.

How's your own goose doing, Caribou Barbie?  Oh, that's right, Obama and Biden cooked it four years ago - and it was delicious!

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Don said...

It will be left to generations of future political historians to explain how it was that millions of voters could be persuaded to vote against their economic self-interest time after time after time after time.
Not just in Wisconsin but around the country, unions are cast as "big labor" stealing from the public trough.

But the question should not be 'why should union members get better pay, better benefits than we do," but "what is wrong with a political and economic system that keeps so many of us laboring for sub-standard wages."

The goal of Walker and his ilk is to assure business that in the fullness of time, all working Americans will be denied anything like the lifestyle enjoyed by their parents and grandparents.