Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions Winners Still Not Richer than Romney

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One of the nicest things about living overseas is that I have no direct access to the lotteries that have eaten America over the past few years like a ravenous cancer.  So, being 7,000 miles away from the greedy madness, I awoke this morning with no delusions that I might be suddenly richer than Romney - or even the Queen of England.

The Mega Millions prize was reportedly $656 million.  Had just one person won that obscene mound  of money, he or she would have had a greater net worth than the Queen ($500 million) or Willard "Mitt" Romney ($250 million) - at least until the tax man showed up for his cut.  If two people had won the Mega Millions, the theoretical prize - the one paid out over time - would have been $328 million, way below the wealth of the Queen, but still comfortably out in front of Romney.  But, as luck would have it, there were three winning tickets sold - one each in Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois - so the theoretical payout will be $218 million and change per winning ticket.  If the winners decide to take the cash option, they will each immediately take home a check of $158 million.

Only time will tell if they are able to afford car elevators, but it is doubtful that even with their new found millions, these people will have what it takes to buy their way into a serious race for the Presidency.  Things like that take a lot more than just piles hard cash.  Oh, the money helps, but so too does a lifetime of privilege, going to the right schools, and growing up among America's richest and most influential people.  It's called the "ruling class" for a reason, and those that are part of it damn well know it.  Nouveau riche lottery winners need not apply.

And as far as the British ruling class goes, when Willard "Mitt" Romney gets his $12 million beach shack in La Jolla torn down and replaced with a glamorous new structure four times the size of the original - complete with at least one elevator for the family cars - why that stodgy old Buckingham Palace will be put to shame!  Let the Queen put than in her pipe and smoke it!

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