Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romney Tries to Dumb It Down for Tuesday

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Just when you thought the Republican primary season couldn't get any dumber, along comes Tuesday, March 13th, with its twin primaries in Alabama and Mississippi.  Mitt Romney, who can only tolerate a cracker if its holding a truffle or a dab of caviar, somehow thinks that he may have a chance to win one or both of those states, and with a southern victory, go back to his blathering about being inevitable.   Press reports indicate that he is on the ground in the Old South talking about NASCAR, grits, coon dogs, and the wonderful apple pies that his mother's cook used to bake when he was a boy in prep school.  He has apparently even begun dropping the "g's" from word endings and addressing groups as "ya'll."

Of course, he may actually win one or both of those states if Santorum and Gingrich, as expected, split the conservative vote.  Mitt won't actually win with a majority, but he'll take a narrow win in a three-way and tout it as a voter mandate - or maybe God's will.

And Alabama and Mississippi should not be under-rated, because they are rapidly becoming the bedrock and intellectual base of the Republican Party.

A very recent survey by PPP asked Republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi two very revealing questions.  The first was:  Do you believe that Barack Obama is a Christian, a Muslim, or are you not sure?  The second question was:  Do you believe in evolution, or not?

Fourteen percent of Alabama Republican voters believe that Barack Obama is a Christian.  Forty-five percent believe he is a Muslim, and 41% are not sure.  When it comes to evolution, 26% of Alabama Republicans believe in evolution, 60% do not, and 13% are not sure.

It gets worse in Mississippi.

Just 12% of Mississippi Republican voters believe our President is a Christian, 52% (a clear majority) believe he is a Muslim, and 36% are not sure.  As for evolution, 22% of Mississippi Republicans believe in the theory of evolution, 66% do not believe in evolution, and 11% had no opinion.

DailyKos pointed out today that Alabama and Mississippi are also two places that would like to bring back literacy tests as a requirement for voting!  (If that were to happen, there might not be any Republican voters!)

The apes have spoken!

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Xobekim said...

This is odd because in '08 he was a radical Christian attending an unacceptable Christian Church!

I long for the old days when the only code we used was Morse Code.

Off topic, don't get too excited about the Missouri Republican caucuses, some on St. Patty's day, some Friday, some next Monday. And the results will be released in June!