Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Work It, Ricky - Work It!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When it comes to respect, or lack thereof, Little Ricky Santorum is in a class with comedian Don Rickles.

Last week when Santorum probably should have been camped out in Illinois kissing babies and tipping cows, he opted instead to rush down to Puerto Rico, insult all of the Spanish speakers (most of the island's population), and then rip off his shirt and lay by the pool.   It was narcissism gone wild!

While everyone deserves a day or two in the sun, a serious presidential contender should probably keep his shirt buttoned until he has put in some serious time at the gym getting ready for the big unveiling.

But Little Ricky was in Puerto Rico, dammit, and he had spent all winter in the snow and ice trying to light a fire under the evangelicals, teabaggers, and other right-wing riff-raff, so he deserved a little time for himself.  Off came the shirt!

Of course, it didn't take long for someone to recognize God's Flabby White Boy beached by the pool, and a picture was snapped that made it onto the Internet quicker than Sarah Palin could name a book.  And when Little Ricky eventually saw the photo, he apologized to the world saying that he could probably stand to lose fifteen or twenty pounds.

I don't mean to be critical on the subject of weight.  I could certainly stand to lose forty or fifty pounds - maybe more.  But I don't go around flaunting my flab, and if I were running for the highest office in the land I would certainly tend toward staying covered up.  But Little Ricky let it all hang out, as it were, and placed himself directly in the line of fire of the paparazzi - as well as the thousands of tourists who are on each and every one of Puerto Rico's beaches each and every day.

But the story gets even better more disrespectful.  The guy who snapped the offending photograph was visiting San Juan while on an all-gay cruise.  That's right!  The biggest little homophobe in America got his picture taken, bare-chested, by a gay man out cruising the Caribbean with a shipload of other gay men!

Oh Ricky, you know those godless gays made copies and plastered the ship with them.  And if those prints could talk, the tales they would tell!

Next time do everyone a favor and keep your shirt on!

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Don said...

Thank God someone is watching over Little Ricky. Wouldn't want him to think no one cares!