Friday, March 9, 2012

It's All About Me!

by Pa Rock
Passenger on the Planet

It seems like just a couple of evenings ago that I was standing among thousands of people in Hanoi listening to rock music and getting ready to cheer in the New Year - and now it is almost the Ides of March.  Tempus fugit.

Today I finished my tax prep and mailed the mess off to my friend Lynn in McDonald County, MO, who will work her magic to get it all ready to file.  Last year I had to pay a bunch, and I am not expecting much better results this year.  One break might come with a small rent house that I own back in Missouri..  I paid out nearly fifty percent more in expenses on that little money pit than I received in rent during 2011.  Still, though, I am not expecting any refunds.

Tim and Erin and Baby Olive will be here in one month.  They will be on this small island about nine days, and I am so looking forward to their visit.  I have a bunch of interesting sites in mind to show them, so they will probably return to Kansas City tired.   I know that vacations always tend to wear me out.  But we will have fun while they are here!

I will be flying home (well, to Phoenix) for good on July 14th, marking the end of my two years in the Far East.  It has been a very good tour, and I have made some wonderful friends - people who I am sure I will be in contact with for many years to come.   Friends become extra-special when you are in a remote location, away from loved ones.

There are two things about Arizona that I don't like - the heat and the guns (oh, and also Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, the state's attorney general, and most of the legislature), but the one really great redeeming feature about the Phoenix area is its wonderful arts and entertainment scene.  There is live theatre in every part of the city, and some of the shows that I have seen there have been Broadway caliber.  So I will enjoy the nightlife.  I am also anxious to get back into the wonderful sauna at my old gym.

And time is flying, so I will be there soon.

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