Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unions Stage a Comeback in Topeka

by Pa Rock 
Citizen Journalist

I just learned a couple of hours ago that my son's good friend, Chad Manspeaker, has been elected as city councilman for Topeka's sixth district.  What makes Manspeaker's election so completely enjoyable to me is more than just the fact that he is a friend of the family - it is the fact that a liberal Democrat with strong union backing can be elected to any post in Kansas.  It is a sign that the worm of ignorance may finally be turning.

A candidate actively backed by union members won an election to an office in Kansas - in Topeka, Kansas, no less - the home of the evil Westboro Baptist Church.  I hope that Governor Walker and his moronic Republican legislators in Wisconsin are starting to realize that they may have inadvertently kicked the crap out of a hornet's nest and must now bend over and accept the consequences!

Unions are not the enemy of working people - just as greedy fat cats like the Koch brothers have zero interest in helping anyone other than themselves.  Unions were formed to fight corporate greed, the dangers of sweatshops, and child labor.  They were necessary in the last century, and they are just as necessary today.

Kudos to Chad and his family - as well as to the Topeka firefighters and other proud union members who walked door-to-door with him meeting the voters.  Make us all proud, Chad!

I also just learned that my good friend and old college roommate, James Carroll, has been elected mayor of Noel, Missouri.  James has served in that position previously and did a marvelous job of bringing the citizens together after a horrendous local political scandal.  And even though I think James should have his head examined for wanting to be mayor again, I am proud of him and wish him the very best!

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