Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obama - Again!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Jorunalist

It's on!  President Obama announced yesterday that he is a candidate for reelection.  While the election is still nineteen months away, it is worth noting that no Republican has yet to take the bold step of throwing his or her own hat into the ring.  Oh, the wing nuts and teabaggers are stirring a lot of sound and fury, but so far that is it from the right - just noise and nonsense.

I will be the first to admit that I am not as enamored of our President as I had hoped to be when I sent him my first donation several winters ago before he even announced his first candidacy.  I had great hopes that he would ride into Washington on a giant steed and lead us all to peace, equality, and happiness.  Instead, he has proven to be a politician - albeit one with somewhat of a heart and a conscience - which is a far cry from anything the right has to offer - but he is a politician nonetheless.

I voted for President Obama hoping to see revolutionary health care reform, but I had to settle for a lackluster product that, even though it is a big improvement over what we had  - nothing - still falls far short of the mark.  Obama the leader was subsumed by Obama the politician who wheeled and dealed down to a fairly dismal product so that it could get enough votes to become law.   His biggest opponents in the negotiations were members on his own party who feared the wrath of the voters if they supported a national health care bill.  Some got hammered by wrathful voters because they fought the President on the issue.  Remember Stinkin' Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas?

In my humble opinion, our President has been way too much of a nice guy and gotten very little in return - if anything - for trying to get along with the wing nuts and teabaggers.  They want his hide, and they want it bad - a fact of life that is based in part on the color of his hide!

So, I'm not overjoyed with Barack Obama, but I sent him a small donation today anyway.  On the absolute very worst day of his life, he is still a more decent and caring person than anyone on the Republican's list of Presidential wannabes.  It only takes a quick glance toward places like Wisconsin and Arizona to see that Republicans can't be trusted to govern.

Keep religion in the churches, throw the teabaggers in Boston Harbor, and vote for Barack Obama in 2012!

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Don said...

I, too, am disappointed with our president. He entered office with an overwhelming majority in both houses of Congress and a self-imposed mandate to "fix" health care.
He surrendered the public option before negotiations even began and ended up with a bill so watered down that many of its provisions are still years from fruition.

Unfortunately, the alternatives to Obama are unthinkable. So I'll vote for him, holding my nose all the way to the polls, but this president has dealt a death blow to this particular constituent's enthusiasm concerning our political process.

What America needs, more than she realizes, is a young Bernie Sanders and a third political party -- to act as a sounding board for potential political solutions scrubbed by both the Dems and the GOP in their mad scramble to the center as a national election approaches.