Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birther Freak Show Rolls On

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It's finally happened.  For months, and months, and months America's crazy birthers have said that all President has to do to prove he is a natural-born citizen is to produce his "long-form" birth certificate.  If the President is a real American, just show us that birth certificate and we'll go back to being nice, rational human beings.

Well, today Barack Obama did just that, and predictably, it still isn't enough to satisfy the freak show.  In fact, Obama said back when this thing started that there would be no convincing some of these people - no matter what documentation he produced.  Obsessions die hard.

The story goes something like this:

The Obama administration, tired of the cable news mentality of focusing only on celebrity gossip, political intrigues, and conspiracies fueled by ego-maniacal publicity-seekers, asked the state of Hawaii for permission to circumvent their established policy of not releasing the long-forms so that he could plunk his down for public perusal.  Donald Trump, a reality show host who is using the birthers for political gain and increased ratings, immediately took this lemon and stirred up a pitcher of lemonade.  The Donald told anyone who would listen, that he personally had forced Obama's hand.  Oh, the omnipotence of Donald Trump!  How has America survived two-and-a-half centuries without him?

Then Sarah Palin chimed in with her take on the matter which was basically that the whole birther mess was engineered by the President for political purposes.  He wanted to create a situation in which some of his political enemies would look like doofus hicks.  A few members of the House Republican leadership echoed similar sentiments.  That Obama is such a shifty political devil!

Many Republican's, of course, are happy to see birtherism dealt a death blow - that's one less contingent of kooks to deal with in 2012.  Problem is,the President was right - there is no way in hell that people who have committed two or more years of their lives to preaching this nonsense will be content to let it go.  They have a conspiracy gene embedded in their DNA.

The President talked to reporters Wednesday morning and lamented the fact that all of their networks had cut away from regular programming to broadcast his remarks on the birther story, but if he had walked into the morning news conference to discuss something really important, such as the budget, the regular programming would have continued.  After making his point about the shallowness of our major news sources, he went on to refer to the more prominent birthers as "carnival barkers."

So how did Orly Taitz, the queen of the carnival barkers, react to the President producing the evidence that she has been demanding for over two years?  Not surprisingly, she is not convinced.

Orly's first problem is with the way the document is written.  Barack Obama is referred to as "African" on the birth certificate, but Orly, who in addition to being a crackpot and a dentist, is apparently also some sort of historian.  She noted that the common usage at the time was Negro - not African.  She is also of a mind that a "natural-born citizen" in addition to being born on American soil, must also have two real American parents.  Orly has more new rules than Bill Mahr!

And so it goes.

Birtherism is as dead as Ken Lay, and it's time for the freak show to roll on down the road.   There ought to be a bus leaving for Roswell just about now!


Xobekim said...

As long as the national discussion is focused on the birthers' Obamasession we will not be speaking to the real issues.

Issues like jobs. The failure of the Bush era tax cuts to either create jobs or stimulate the economy while being paid for by borrowing money from China and others. The planned destruction of Medicare as voted by House Republicans in their Ryan budget.

Or maybe the debt ceiling. Think about it. If Bush gets up and says "not only is it your money, but so is it your debt. So we will keep the tax rates the same and pay down the principal." That would have saved America from borrowing close to $40 Trillion to pay for the tax cuts.

Think about it, you collect the money and don't finance more debt, and pay down the principal on the note. That is the path to solvency, but no, let's talk about something stupid!

Oh and the reason we raise the debt ceiling is because we are compounding the debt by constantly refinancing.

God knows the birthers aren't going to be honest about their racist views. Racism and honesty are extreme strangers while denial rules the day.

BK in MO said...

Regarding Trump: LOL