Friday, April 9, 2010

Teabaggers Less Popular than IRS

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

America's rude, loud-mouthed teabaggers have been put in their place by a Fox News Poll that was released yesterday. Items 10-16 on the poll read:

I'm going to read you the names of several individuals. Please tell me whether you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of each one.

The percent of favorable ratings follow:

Barack Obama: 50%
Internal Revenue Service: 49%
Democratic Party: 42%
Republican Party: 40%
Tea Party Movement: 36%
Nancy Pelosi: 29%
Harry Reid: 16%
John Boehner: 12%

Two points bear emphasis here: the poll was commissioned by Fox News (a far right news source), and the results came out exactly one week before tax day - a time when IRS popularity ought to lag far behind everyone else.

Are American's coming to terms with the fact that taxes are necessary for government and society to function? Are people finally beginning to realize that a bunch of screaming hillbillies with guns does not necessarily equal a majority? Is John Boehner's fake orange tan a big political turnoff?

A recent poll by the respected Gallup polling organization gave the Tea Party Movement a favorable rating of 37 percent. That same poll of randomly selected Americans gave socialism a favorable rating of 36 percent.

So the next time some of these loudmouthed fools start yelling about being the voice of real America, or of the silent majority (what a laugh!), or of God, or of whatever, just suffer their stupidity with silence and a smile knowing that at best they are barely more popular than socialism, and far less popular than the Internal Revenue Service or Barack H. Obama. These goobers will be put in their place on election day!


Anonymous said...

While I am not the least bit surprised that no one has commented on your foolish remarks, it seems a shame you are the one to call names to a group of peaceful, law-abiding, people simply fed up with the changes in which we have no control. Our country is being taken over by very "unAmerican" policies. You are very out of line calling Teabaggers a "bunch of screaming hillbillies with guns". Pardon me, I have yet to see any guns carried by hillbillies at the these peaceful protests. I for one, am very ready for change this November.

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes, undeniably, posts, blogs and other venues for opinions such as Pa Rock's, inspire comments only when they are in some way outlandish or fueled by extreme opinion. I suspect these "foolish remarks" as you called them had no comments (before yours) because they are a simple statement of obvious truths. If he were to post that the sky is blue or that water is wet, I doubt if anyone would have much to say about it. Well... maybe one or two poor souls who have had their senses so inundated with falsehoods via the media to be deceived about what is so obvious to the rest of us. They might have chimed in.

How can you be fed up with change when nearly everything is broken? And possibly you should look at some of the first American policies... those concerning the rights of the many, before you spout off about these "unAmerican policies."

Pa Rock is a nice fellow and he would never say it, but since you opened the umbrella of anonymity I will step beneath that same shadow and make this remark. You sound like a caricature, animated by the thoughts and wills of a few fat-faced republicans with extra loud voices for extra close listening, pre-disposed in life by little or zero exposure to the splendors of humanity in your youth.

Reed said...

Anonymous(First one). You just made Pa Rock's day.