Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nature Calls

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Something is going on with the Arizona weather. It started yesterday morning with a welcome reprieve from the rapidly climbing temperatures. The thermometer had been stuck in the low nineties for a week or so, and I am definitely not mentally ready for another Arizona summer. Yesterday, though, the temp topped out in the seventies, and today has been the same. The breeze has become a constant, beating the hell out of my numerous wind chimes which probably drives my neighbors nuts - and there are even some clouds. Rain, however, has eluded us.

But something is fixing to happen. This evening as I took another sweep across my award-winning gravel patch looking for those sneaky weeds, I happened to notice that the ants are out in force - busily doing something, though what I do not know. When ants were on the march back in the Ozarks it usually meant that rain was on the way. I am hoping that desert ants have the same weather radar as their hillbilly cousins.

My cat is also acting very strange, and that has my interest as well. For the past two days Scroungy Bastard has been as clingy as a Velcro shirt. He is currently lying on my computer desk as I type this, and when I leave this room he will be squarely underfoot. (It would be so embarrassing to be wheeled off to the home because of my cat!)

I wonder if the doctor would take Scroungy Bastard in lieu of my next co-pay?

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Mike Box said...

You've got heavy snows in the White Mountains from a system that gave K.C. rain and thunderstorms yesterday and last night. More of that here today.

You've got flash flood warnings to the east from those rapidly melting snows.

You've got rip current warnings to the west.

Enjoy your weather while it lasts.

Scroungy may just be clinging because of post traumatic cat syndrome caused by the events detailed in "Every Word Is True."