Thursday, April 8, 2010

Notes on Language

by Pa Rock
Word Collector

I have culled a couple of interesting new slang words out of recent news stories that might just make their way into standard American vocabulary.

The first and most widely used is "teabaggers" which actually has its roots in a John Water's film where it had a strong sexual connotation. Teabaggerrs, of course, are way too uptight and moralistic (except when they are threatening to kill people) to be comfortable wearing a sexual appellation, and they have since tried to spiffy the term up to something more red, white, and blue, such as "Tea Party Patriots."

Yesterday I ran across some really funny comments from a blogger who was using the term "Foxbagger," which undoubtedly refers to a teabagger who has been mainlining Fox News. "Foxbagger" gives a crystal clear mental picture, one that is impossible to misconstrue.

One television commentator recently went on a rant about an awful land where idiots ruled. He called it "Glennbeckistan."

"Hatriot" has also started appearing in lefty blogs. I am making the assumption that the "a" is a long vowel sound, making the new word rhyme with "patriot." It is absolutely shameful how all of these noisy self-proclaimed Christians are so consumed with hatred - and a patriotic urge to arm and protect white America. Jesus would have been appalled - and then he would have been cursed, screamed at, and spat upon. These Foxbagger hatriots wouldn't put up with any of His liberal bullshit!


manspeaker said...

I am pretty fond of Teaklan.

Reed said...

How about Teazi