Friday, April 23, 2010

Jan Brewer is an Embarrassment!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

A few days ago I referred to Arizona's Jan Brewer as the "third-rate governor of a fourth-rate state." Well, so much for understatement. Today, in a flurry of national press coverage, our state's chief embarrassment (if you don't count Joe Arpaio and Russel Pearce) outdid herself by signing Pearce's bigoted Senate Bill 1070 into law. Now every lawman in Arizona has an extra duty (an unfunded mandate) to double as an immigration officer - and every brown person in the state must constantly be in possession of documents showing proof of residency.

The last time Arizona reached this level of national embarrassment was in 1987 when newly elected Governor Evan Mecham rescinded the Martin Luther King holiday as his first official act upon being sworn in. A national tourist boycott followed that was so effective that Arizona voters reinstated the holiday in 1992.

Another boycott is in the works, this one being organized by Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva. That's right, an Arizona congressman is proposing a boycott of his own state! Supporters of the racist bill have been busy today calling in death threats to the congressman's staff, causing him to close two constituent offices. (Our teabaggers aren't much on subtlety!)

I'm with you on this one, Raul. When my kids tell me that they are going to come visit, I plan to meet them in Albuquerque, San Diego, or some other civilized location.

And as for you, Jan Brewer, your timing sucks - sucks for you, that is! Not only did you sign this racist screed today, but today was also the day that the ballots for Proposition 100 arrived in the mail - the proposal where you would get rid of your budget nightmare through imposition of a "temporary" sales tax - a tax specifically designed to be born by the working poor.

Well, Jan, if you can turn your back on your state, I can too. My guess is that your complete lack of concern for our state's Hispanic residents will cost you dearly in this special election - and it will force you and your worthless legislative sycophants to get to work and come up with a sensible solution to our wrecked budget - one that will involve putting some of the burden on the wealthy, for a change!

Jan Brewer, you are an embarrassment to our state, and if you don't have the good sense to be embarrassed over your crass political maneuvering, then I am embarrassed for you!

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Mike Box said...

It is clearly bad law. It has many problems from motive to enforcement.

The motive is "attrition through enforcement." That is a policy to get rid of illegal aliens through vigorous enforcement of the laws.

The unintended consequences of this policy, according to one Princeton researcher, is that since the policy drives up the costs of border crossings, the illegal immigrants tend to stay longer to recoup those expenses.

The criminal conduct is trespass predicated on violation of a federal immigration statute for willful refusal to register as an alien.

Making the probable cause determination appears to be little more than guesswork.

This gives rise to Equal Protection and Due Process claims, which look like they will prevail.

It is absurd to treat neighbors this way. It is rude.

The Spanish speaking population in this country can be a valued asset in a troubled economy as we compete in a global economy.

The statute lacks humanity. Treating folks badly because they are different is just plain wrong.

Most of the bozos who passed this bill into law proudly proclaim themselves to be Christian. Explain that to me! I guess I am lost on the whole do unto others thing with these folks.

But I do love bad law. Bad statutes make for great case law. This one is going to be a hoot!