Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scratch the Alligator

by Pa Rock
One Tired Hombre

Apparently Nick's alligator story from yesterday was just that - a story - something that he made up to try and pry Boone out of bed that morning. I'm really disappointed. Last night I had pitched half a cheeseburger into the flower bed in front of our room in an effort to entice the critter back. I guess I will just stick to feeding the birds!

We were at Disney's Hollywood Studios again today and found plenty to observe and do that we didn't get to yesterday. The highlight was the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It included massive sets that were pulled around by tractors and large trucks, and plenty of dramatic and amazing action. One of Harrison Ford's stunt doubles held the stage with with some of the best stunts from the several Indiana Jones movies, and used his whip with careless abandon. A truck flipped over and burned on stage, a Nazi airplane taxied onto the stage and served as the centerpiece of a wild fight, and explosions and fires punctuated the entire production. This was my favorite show of all that I have seen at Disney World.

We took a ride through some of America's most loved movie scenes. That was informative and very relaxing. And this afternoon we happened upon a street performance by three guys driving an old car with a sign on the door that read "Hollywood Public Works." They told jokes and bantered with the crowd as they took a "break" from their street jobs. Their jokes were so lame that they were funny!

Tonight Nick and Boone are swimming and doing laundry. I am going to head down to the cafeteria and join them for supper.

More later...

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