Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm a Twit!

by Pa Rock
Twitterpated Journalist

After reading Senator McCaskill's tweet on Michael Jackson this morning, I decided to click on the link to the Twitter homepage and see what all of this tweeting fuss is about. I mean, if tweeting can place the repressive government of Iran in peril, it might benefit me to know more about it. I might want to foment my own revolution some day!

It took less than a minute to get registered as a tweeter and to find out which of my email contacts were also registered at Twitter. In the second minute I learned that my daughter had discovered a couple of drunks hosting a yard sale and had scored some really good bargains. News like that really warms a parent's heart!

So, if you happen through the Canarium and hear some bird tweeting off-key, it's probably me. My handle is PaRock.

1 comment:

Phillipia said...

I registered with twitter awhile back but that is as far as I got...I am not even sure which name I signed up under. What a twit I am ...