Monday, June 29, 2009

My New Cat

by Pa Rock

That's right. One of the world's greatest cat haters now apparently has his own cat. Last week I found this skinny orange and yellow Tom sleeping under one of the bushes in my front yard. Since then I have come upon him almost daily - sleeping under the back porch, lounging in any available shade, and even wrapped around the base of my bird feeder. (The birds have quit spending so much time at the feeder, so the cat is saving me some money!) His pawprints adorn my car hood.

My cat's name is Scroungy Bastard, but he also answers to Fleabag!

On nights when I have leftovers, I set them out for Scroungy, and they are gone in the morning. I suspect that he will be around for a very long time.

1 comment:

Phillipia said...

Wish I knew you wanted a cat - I have one you could of had...I am not a cat lover myself. I agreed to cat-sit for a friend for a couple of weeks - that was in February:(

Tag me gullible....