Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bus Blogging

by Pa Rock
Consummate Traveler

We are riding a Disney Bus enroute to Port Canaveral and our big cruise. One of the many instructions was to plan on turning our cell phones off during the voyage to avoid international roaming fees. That means The Ramble will probably be shut down until Sunday as well - not that anyone but Tim and Phillipia will probably notice!

Disney World was fun, and Boone was old enough to enjoy it. His dad also seemed to have a very good time. The people who did not seem to be having fun were the very young - ages seven and below - and their bedraggled parents. Most of that group were fussy, angry, and tired (kids and parents!). It would probably work better for little kids to come in the winter when it isn't so sultry and all of the screaming and stampeding older kids were safely back home and in school or institutions.

I did see lots of grandparents on this trip, and most seemed to be having a grand time showing Disney's world to their progeny. I know that taking my grandson to Disney World has been a special adventure for me. I hope that someday he will bring his children and grandchildren here and tell them about his first visit at Disney World with his dad and Pa Rock.

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xobekim said...

Before the hypetension brought me to my knees exposing that clogged coronary artery, I felt the frustration of writing to the void.

My hopes were buoyed when I discovered a tool called sitemeter,

Lo & behold I had hits from Europe, Asia, and across the U.S.A. which included one lengthy visit from someone using the computer in the office of the Sergeant at Arms for the U.S. Senate. Maybe they love Barbara Boxer too!

Enjoy your vacation. The Ramble is still sojourning through the void.