Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whatever Happened to Spot and Puff?

by Pa Rock
Cultural Commentator

We live in a world where cats eat gourmet meals off of fine china, and dogs let their owners dress them in style before going for a stroll in the park. Our better selves, in fact, are often realized in the way we treat our pets.

I have no pets because I live in an apartment, where they are neither practical nor allowed. (Well, actually they are allowed - for a price - but I give the cretins at this complex plenty of money each month just for a place to rest my weary head.) But just because there are currently no pets in my life does not mean that I wouldn't love to have a faithful pooch. I am a dog person.

When I was back at the farm I had a pair of beautiful Great Pyrenees, the best dogs in the world. They were majestic dogs with great names: Paladin and Paloma. They were working farm dogs and not especially pampered, although I did bring them the occasional double cheeseburger from McDonald's - a treat that either could happily swallow in one gulp. I also had a hyper-active mutt who just happened down the lane one day and decided to stay. His name was Frank - in honor of his blue eyes.

And then there was Emme Ears, the loving little long-haired chihuahua of whom I have recently written. Again, a classy dog with a unique name. Susan named Emme, and I came up with Paladin and Paloma.

Recently I came across an article on the Internet that focused on the more popular names for dogs and cats. They were tallied off of the rosters of insured pets. Yes, apparently pet insurance is one of the latest crazes among people who find meaning in their lives through the active parenting of four-legged children.

Six of the top ten names for cats are Tigger, Tiger, Smokey, Oliver, Shadow, and Charlie. Six of the top ten names for dogs are Bailey, Molly, Buddy, Maggie, Daisy, and Sophie. The remaining four top names for both dogs and cats are Max, Chloe, Lucy, and Bella.

Those are grand names, fitting for any creature who eats off of expensive china or wears designer clothing - whether they walk on two legs or four!


carla said...

The real questions is "Does anyone know Spot and Puff?" other than dinosaurs who love to read?

xobekim said...

As reported on the Politico Playbook Digest, January 25, 2009 10:25 am by Mike Allen

CONDOLENCES TO ... Dick Keil, on the loss of his beloved pug, Moses. Now, there's something holy about Moses. He'll be buried in the yard, next to Buddy Roo. A candle is being lit for him this morning at St. Columba's.

This reminds me of Angel’s interment in the rose garden last summer. Gizmo and Precious have recovered from the grief.

And yes Carla, Sally, Dick, Jane and I all remember. Oh my God!!!!