Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tim Macy Rides Again!

by Pa Rock
Proud Father

This afternoon I watched an exceptional short film entitled The Dying Western that was based on a story written by my son, Tim, who also played a major role in turning the story into a movie script. The story was brought to the screen by a very talented group of university drama students in Ohio. Western isn't the only story of Tim's that has been made into a movie. A couple of years ago a Hollywood professional turned a story entitled The Brass Teapot into a short film of the same name. Teapot was entered into an international film competition in the United Arab Emirates.

The Dying Western is professional in every sense of the word. The university students took a very clever story idea and made it into a captivating film. The DVD of their work contains the movie itself, along with outtakes, an alternate ending, story boards, and a great deal of information about how they were able to make such a classy film on a student budget. It could actually serve as a short course on the mechanics of making a movie.

I wish I could report that this wonderful film is for sale on or Barnes and Noble, but it's not. But if you ever find yourself in Goodyear, Arizona, stop by and join me in a Tim Macy Film Festival!

Being proud is an important component of parenting. From posting kindergarten doodles on the refrigerator, to attending recitals, graduations, marriages, special recognitions, and beyond, parents have innumerable opportunities to bask in the glow of the achievements of their young. The achievements of all three of my children are a constant source of button-busting pride. I'm one lucky (and proud) dad!

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Phillipia said...

Proud parents are usually good parents:)