Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Road Trip

by Pa Rock
Travelling Fool

New worlds to conquer!

Tomorrow I am off to Kansas City for a couple of nights and on Monday morning, bright and early, my friend Carla and I, and a student and faculty group from Baker University, will board a flight for New York City. I am excited about the trip. I flew over Manhattan in 1999 when the Twin Towers were still up, but I have never walked the streets of the Big Apple.

We will be there a week, see most of the normal tourist stuff, and take in some live Broadway productions. Tuesday morning we are going to be in the Today Show gallery, and Carla has scored a pair of tickets to attend Letterman on Tuesday evening.

The weather is looking dicey. Apparently it is cold in Kansas City, and New York is expecting its biggest snow of the season over the weekend. Our connecting flight is in Detroit, so worst case scenario is that La Guardia gets itself closed due to snow and we spend a week in the Detroit Airport! That would make for some fearsome blogging!

The trip will end a week from Sunday, and on that day I will bounce all over the country via Northwest Airlines. Our group will fly from New York to Detroit and on to Kansas City. There I will change planes again and fly on by myself to Minneapolis and then to Phoenix. I wish I collected air miles!

I am taking the old laptop and will be blogging daily, so you can enjoy our trip by checking in here. I'll do my best to keep it interesting.

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