Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump's "Very Good" Brain Is Overrated

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Donald Trump has famously described himself as having "a very good brain," something which is generally not in evidence.  Perhaps if he wills that brain to science he will eventually be proved right when the gelatinous mess hits the scales, but I doubt it.  But while Trump's brain may be no better than that of the average south Arkansawyer, his mouth and the garbage it routinely spews are worthy of note.

Donald Trump is petulant and a bit of a cry baby.   He can't take a slight from anyone without going into full attack mode - usually played out as a Twitter rant in the wee hours of the morning.  Twitter suits the blowhard because of his limited vocabulary.  Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter who actually wrote Trump's award winning book, The Art of the Deal, famously noted during the campaign that the businessman/politician has around a 200-word vocabulary.

(For the historical record, Trump's predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama, was a professor of Constitutional law and had a massive vocabulary - as well as an exceptional brain - and he wrote all of his own books himself.)

Trump's limited vocabulary is beginning to impact his Twitter performance.  I noted on Twitter yesterday that The Donald seemed to be getting stuck on using the word "overrated."  Just based on the workings of my own brain, which is fair to middlin', I pointed out that he had just called actress Meryl Streep "overrated," and he had used the same word a few months before to belittle the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton.  My personal feeling was that Trump's using the word "overrated" to excess might just be a bit hypocritical - because clearly someone is overrated.

Today I learned through the website Newser that Trump's use of the word "overrated" is about as common as Chinese steel in his buildings.   The Newser article pointed out that he has used the word to not only describe Streep and Hamilton,  but that he has also slathered it on the likes of Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly, Marco Rubio, Charles Krauthammer, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Barack Obama, and George Will - with multiple hits landing on Kelly, Stewart, Krauthammer, and Will.  (Those four must really be overrated!)

Of the two hundred words Donald Trump knows well enough to use, "overrated" appears to be one of his very favorites!  Perhaps if he spent less time ranting - or making fun of disabled individuals - and more time reading, he could add a few more words to his list.  He would be better for the effort, as would we all.

Any very good brain that focuses solely on self-promotion or the mocking of others is overrated indeed.

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