Thursday, January 12, 2017

GOP Suddenly Not Interested in Sexploits of Politicians

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Remember the Dark Ages - that time less than two decades ago when the Republicans in Congress set all of their important work aside so that they could try to impeach President Bill Clinton and remove him from office over a sexual dalliance with a female intern.  An adult man (physically, at least), an adult woman (barely), an incident of oral sex in an anteroom off of the Oval Office, and a stained dress.  It's a wonder democracy survived.   The House did impeach the old lech, but when he was tried in the Senate, that august body could not even muster a majority vote against him, much less the two-thirds needed for his removal from office.

Those were the good old days, and those sanctimonious Republicans were righteously offended by Clinton's immorality.

But that was then, and this is now.

Now there is almost absolute silence from God's chosen political party as allegations swirl that their own man, President-Elect Donald Trump, has close ties with the government of Russia and has been involved in "perverted sexual acts" with Russian hookers.  The story, as noted in the likes of Buzzfeed and Newsweek, is based on a classified dossier that was reportedly prepared by a former British intelligence operative.  It alleges that The Donald was supplied with a "bevy" of prostitutes in Russia while staying at Moscow's Ritz Carlton Hotel, and that one of the things that occurred during that lewd encounter was a "urination" show performed by the ladies.

The report also said that Trump chose the Ritz Carlton personally because he knew that was where the Obama's stayed when they were in Moscow, and he wanted to defile the bed that Barack and Michelle had slept in.

Trump lashed out at the "perverted sexual acts" report yesterday, calling it "fake news."  While Trump and his minions may have spread "fake news" like it was Grade A compost during the recent election, it becomes a much more serious matter when it is directed toward the blowhard himself.

As of this time the "news" of events in Russia is nothing more than unconfirmed allegations, as are the reports of Trump's various business dealings with the Russian government.  A dossier of the sex stuff has apparently made its way through the sweaty palms of some members of Congress, and Senator John McCain supposedly passed it on to the FBI.  From there the highlights made their way into part of the report that the intelligence communities gave to President Obama and Mr. Trump.

But back to the Republican hypocrisy:

I, for one, felt that Bill Clinton deserved to be raked over the coals for having sexual contact with a young woman in the White House, someone over whom he had influence and power - and then lied about it.  Only a group as politically inept as the Republican Party of that era could have turned it into a political victory for Clinton - which they somehow managed to do.

Now, however, we have an incoming President who is dragging along sexual allegations far more salacious than those that rocked Clinton's presidency, and the current sexploits pose dangers to our national security in ways that Bill and Monica could not imagine. 

In the interests of peace and global security, Congress must endeavor to find out if Russia has some sort of stranglehold on Trump - but so far all the GOP majority in Congress can cough up is a bored "ho hum."  To those of us who harbor a sense of skepticism toward our current legislative branch, it looks as though they are far more interested in relieving Americans of their health insurance than they are in thwarting the Russian menace.

Do your job, Congress.  Explore the Putin-Trump connection and find out exactly what is going on.  You need to know - and so do we, the people!

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