Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kal Penn Gets His Rage On

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday actor, college instructor, and former White House Associate Kal Penn was having a conversation on Twitter with a friend regarding an Iraqi who had been caught up in Trump's executive orders halting refugees and banning immigration from seven Muslim nations - and how unfairly the man and his family were being treated.  Right on cue a racist troll jumped into the conversation and informed Penn, an Indian American, that he did not belong in this country and was a "fucking joke."

Kal Penn responded to the jerk, as Michelle Obama would say, by "going high."  Instead of getting into a battle of tweets with a moron, Penn opted instead to start a fundraising page for Syrian refugees in honor of the fellow who had trolled him.   He created a "Crowdrise" page to raise money for Syrian refugees.  As of a few minutes ago more than $190,000 had been contributed to the site.

Donations may be made here:

Kal Penn is what a good American looks like - in case Donald Trump or anyone in the current White House was wondering.

Kumar rocks!   Follow his tweets  @kalpenn

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