Thursday, January 5, 2017

Laughing Through the Apolcalypse

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

One key element to surviving the next several years in America is likely to be a sense of humor.  Moral humans probably will not be able to deal with the onslaught of lies, depravity, and outright corruption that is already oozing from Trump Tower and the U.S. Capitol Building without an occasional retreat into fits of senseless giggling or a good old post-traumatic belly laugh.

Laughter may be the best (if not only) recourse until the craziness that has infected our land has run its course.  Someday the clowns will all be sent home by the voters, or carted off to prison, or perhaps even raptured - but until that blessed day comes, laughter may truly be the best way of dealing with things.

And the humor is out there.  Yesterday, for example, Senate Majority Leader Mitch "the tortoise" McConnell held what appeared to be an on-the-fly news conference at the Capitol in which he stated, amongst other baloney, that the American people would not stand for Senate Democrats trying to blockade a presidential appointment to the Supreme Court.  He said that, in fact, on the very day that Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court expired - an appointment that Republicans had blockaded for nearly a year.

The irony was thick enough to patch the holes in the Titanic.

I guess it all just depends on which Americans you are talking about.  Right, Bitch Mitch.

The other part of the scene that was funny was Missouri's junior senator, Ol' Roy Blunt, standing behind Mitch on his tippy-toes trying to make eye contact with the camera.   Blunt was standing next to Veep Creep Mike Pence.  Ol' Roy seldom gets back home, but by God at least he can send a picture.  And that picture was far more mature and realistic (and funnier) than that young one he puts on his campaign literature.

Yuk it up, America.  They make take away our health care and social security, but let's not let them destroy our ability to laugh.  That may soon be all we have left in our arsenal of sanity.

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