Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump's Strange Bed Fellows

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

There is a beautiful spray painting (fancy graffiti) on the side of a barbecue restaurant in Vilnius, Lithuania, that has been viewed and appreciated by millions of people around the world thanks to the miracle of the Internet.  The image is a larger-than-life depiction of the heads of two famous world politicians engaging in a passionate kiss.  The two smoochers are Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and Donald Trump, the next President of the United States.

Like many cartoons, this one takes a bit of truth and enlarges it to a comic level.   Putin seems to have had a strong interest in seeing Trump win the U.S. election, and the Trumpster has been nothing less than effusive in his praise of the Russian leader.  They have been engaged in a figurative lip-lock for months, even if their tongues have yet to physically explore the the cavernous mysteries of each others' food holes.

The emerging bromance between Putin and Trump has become so public that it merits inclusion when people struggle to understand some of Donald Trump's recent appointments and statements.  Trump's proposed appointment of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, for instance, to be Secretary of State is receiving extra scrutiny because Tillerson happens to be a personal friend of Putin's.  (Tillerson, as Secretary of State, will be fourth in line to the Presidency - following Vice-President Pence, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Senate President Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch.)

Trump recently referred to Putin as being "very smart" for not retaliating against President Obama's sanctions of Russia over its interference in U. S. elections - and Trump is steadfast in his own denial of Russian interference in the election that elevated him to the White House.  Now he is even citing Wikileaks' founder, Julian Assange, a fugitive from justice, as some sort of weird proof that Russia was not involved. 

How long will it be until the world is treated to a large depiction of Trump and Assange affectionately swapping spit?  Donald Trump may not be the person who will help to slow global warming, protect our health care, or save our social security - but he appears poised to take outlaw art to new heights!

A man should be judged not only by what he says and does, but who he snuggles up to as well.

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