Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What a Revoltin' Development This Is

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Great American Chester A. Riley would have described the events of yesterday thusly:  "What a revoltin' development this is!"

I watched some television last night, then sat at the computer for an hour or so absorbing the mess that sweeping out of the voting booths and across a once proud land.  When it became apparent, at least to me, that liberty was on the verge of being bound in chains and drowned, I shut the computer down and went to bed.  It was nighttime in America. 

Not only did Hillary Clinton sink into the ignominious mud of history, she drug many good people down with her.  Missouri had two exceptional candidates who were laid low by the weight of the national race:  Chris Koster who should have easily been elected governor, and Jason Kander who ran a brilliant campaign against Ol' Roy Blunt for Blunt's Senate seat.  But it wasn't only Missouri - good people running for office in all parts of the country were swept aside by a tide of pent-up racism and sexism and greed that was finally freed to express itself in a sea of Confederate flags and ball caps proclaiming a desire to "Make America Great Again."  (We'll see what that sea of discontent looks like after a few months under a new administration.)

There were a couple of bits of good news:  Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth was elected to the United States Senate in Illinois (Barack Obama's old seat) as she defeated incumbent Republican Senator Mark Kirk.   And the biggest news of all - Joe Arpaio was defeated in his bid for a seventh term as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.  Congratulations to all of my good friends out in the Scorpion State.  No more Joe!  No more Joe!  No more Joe!

But, that smattering of good news aside, overall the election was a disaster.   One must hope that the America which survived Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush, will also be able to withstand the bombast, vanity, and complete lack of decency that is about to park itself the Oval Office.  The months and years ahead will be a challenge to good people everywhere.

This is America - it will get better - it always does.


Meth Swanson said...

...amen Rock; a big amen!

Meth Swanson said...

...amen Rock; a big amen!

Xobekim said...

Two years, a mere two years, and the Democrats will take back the House and the Senate. If you know a firebrand Jim Dandy, a Bernie loving disciple of Elizabeth Warren with a zeal to serve then get them to organize their Congressional District - precinct by precinct & block by block. Find them and Fund them. IT'S TIME TO TAKE AMERICA BACK!