Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Three Trump Lies

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It's an old joke.  One person asks how do you know a man is lying, and the response is "His lips are moving."  Sadly, with regard to our new President-Elect, that old joke is becoming a truism.  Here are three Trump whoppers from just the last couple of days:

Lie Number 1:  One of my favorite Trump lies is that he is actively considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.  Romney, a well known Trump adversary, has been summoned to the Trump Tower in New York City at least twice for interviews with the Great Man.  One measure of the non-seriousness of this process is that Trump's whole team of demonic advisers is speaking out against the possibility of a Romney nomination to the post.  The crazies are out in full force whipping up the lesser crazies - the ones out in Montana constantly cleaning their rifles.  When the job is ultimately given to someone else, some gifted statesman like Rudy Giuliani, for instance, the lunatics will feel they still have control of their man, and the Grand Lunatic will have shellacked another coat of humiliation onto a man who once openly looked down on him.

Trump's discussions with Romney are all a show designed to make Trump look open-minded and magnanimous, and to paint Romney as a groveling sycophant and a loser.

Lie Number 2:  Today Trump announced in a series of tweets that he would be stepping away from his businesses and letting his children run them while he is stuck leading the country.  The notion that a man with an ego the size of Donald Trump's could give up the raw pleasures of building monuments to himself while cheating investors, contractors, vendors, and maids is just too absurd.  The rotund man with the bad comb-over will still be pulling the strings, regardless of whose names are painted on which doors.  Trying to keep his presidential duties free and clear of his obligations to his businesses will result in Humpty Trumpty's great fall.  The sweet irony is that it will be a Republican Congress that is ultimately tasked with removing him from office.

Lie Number 3:  The popular vote in the recent election has really become a point of contention as Hillary's numbers continue to increase over those of Trump.  The latest figures show her with a lead of 2.3 million votes - and that number is still rising.  Trump likes to speak of his "overwhelming" victory in the Electoral College (and that, too, is a lie), but the actual numbers, the votes cast by real voters, have to be a thorn in the braying ass's side.

So to de-legitimize Hillary's win in the popular vote, Donald Trump took a page from Adolf Hitler's playbook and hit her with a BIG LIE.  He said her margin of victory was actually just the illegal votes that were cast.  Trump is saying that at least 2.3 million illegal votes were cast!  So far the only one that has been reported was a Trump voter who was caught voting a second time.  But by God, Donald Trump says millions of illegal votes were cast - all for Hillary - and morons everywhere line up to buy into his crap.

If millions of illegal votes were cast, none of us have any way of knowing who ultimately received or benefited from those votes.  If Donald Trump has any proof that this election fraud occurred, he needs to produce it.  Show the evidence, Donald - not just some 3:00 a.m. tweet from a drunk.  If fraud of that magnitude has been committed, then the election needs to be held again.  It's the only fair way to handle it.

But fairness is not addressed in the Trump playbook.  He just wants the good old boys up in Montana and down in Alabama to know that Hillary really didn't get more votes that him.  She couldn't have - so it must have been those danged Mexicans!

It's time to give it a rest, Donald.  Maybe instead of moving your lips so much, you should focus on building your wall - or was that a lie, too?

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