Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Begins Draining the Congressional Swamp

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Just before the close of the recent tragic campaign, billionaire blowhard Donald Trump began barking about "draining the swamp" as soon as he was elected as our Glorious Leader.  The "swamp" was reportedly the lagoon of lobbyists that infest Washington DC and all fifty state capitals.  But it didn't take long for President-Elect Trump to realize that not only was he not going to have much impact on the lobbyist cancer that eats steadily away at democracy, but that he was going to need those creatures to help his establish his new government.

Trump's plan had been to freeze current lobbyists out of the executive branch of government by not hiring any of them - either for the transition or the actual running of the government.  He also yammered on about barring those exiting his administration from becoming lobbyists for five years after leaving government.  It all sounded great - but the spirit of the swamp-draining quickly dissipated, and lobbyists are already being called on to aid with the transition.

Herr Trump, however, may have inadvertently begun draining Washington DC's other swamp - the U.S. Congress.  He is doing this by taking some of the most odious members out of their safe seats and placing them in prominent spots within the administration - where they can be removed on little more than the whim of a large man who lets his life be stampeded by Twitter.   Jeff Sessions, the racist curmudgeon from Alabama who has loomed large in the Senate for twenty years may soon give up his seat at that trough to become U.S. Attorney General - if he can find fifty of his colleagues who will support him in that move.  Sessions, with his colorful background and his complete misunderstanding of the Constitution will be a disaster - or an impeachment - waiting to happen.

Mike Pompeo, a congressman from Kansas who is about as culturally aware and as bright as Jeff Sessions, hopes to be confirmed as Director of the CIA.  True, both Sessions and Pompeo will be replaced in Congress through nominations made by redneck Republican governors who have little or no regard for the public good, but the replacements will go to Washington DC minus one very important asset that their predecessors had - seniority.   They will be dangling at the junior end of a system whose power is vested almost entirely in seniority.

This morning I heard that the Trump Administration is about to reach into the Congressional swamp and pull out another of its most noxious alligators.  Fat Boy is apparently thinking of bringing Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee to The Show.  To misquote the late comedian Henny Youngman, "Take her, please!"  Governor Haslam will have a very difficult time coming up with a replacement who is half as mean-spirited as Blackburn, and the new member will again have zero seniority.

There are many Republican members of the House of Representatives and GOP Senators who could be replaced with sandbags without having a negative impact on government.  Hopefully Trump will give them all a good a proper vetting and then elevate as many as he possibly can to exalted positions in his administration.  And if they don't work out, he can fire them like the snot-nosed apprentices that they are.

Make America great again, Donald.  Promote those Republicans right on out of Congress!

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