Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Google Rules Us All

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Each day that we sit at the computer typing and searching we are, to a large extent, penning our autobiographies - for every key that we hit makes a mark on our story that drifts off to a "cloud" somewhere where it lives in infamy - forever.  And then there are our government-amassed telephone records.  Researchers a thousand years from now will have more ready data on the people of today than they can possibly absorb.

The magazine, Mother Jones, recently published a graphic which shows the topic that each state googled more than any other state in 2015 - and it gives a fascinating insight into the things that are of interest to people.   Guns, for instance, were a big item.  Here in Missouri our hot Google topic was "Right to keep and bear arms."  Floridians zeroed in on "Concealed weapons permit," while Tennessee was focused on "N.R.A." - and my buddies out in Arizona wanted to know more about the "2nd Amendment."  (I hope they actually read the 2nd Amendment after they pulled it up.)

Only two states seemed to be focused on the presidential race.  The folks in Mississippi wanted to know more about "Ben Carson," while the topic of interest in South Carolina was "Trump for President."   Alaskans googled "Barack Obama" more than any other state.  Perhaps they are planning on putting a statue of him across the street from Sarah Palin's house.

Technology was important to people in South Dakota who wanted to know more about the "Fitbit," and Hawaiians who had an interest in "Apple Watch."  Science came into play with the citizens of Washington State who were seeking information on "Leonard Nimoy," and those of New Mexico with their interest in "Pluto."

Laid-back Ohioans were googling "Legalize weed," while tabloid-sated New Yorkers wanted to know more about "Charlie Sheen HIV."

Kansans were focused on the "World Series" - no surprise there, and the folks in North Dakota also displayed an interest in sports by enquiring about the "NFL Draft."

And then there was the interest in sex, not surprisingly (at least to me) all coming from very conservative states.  People in Mississippi wanted to know more about the cheating site "Ashley Madison."  The folks in Utah were concerned with the term "transgender," and Oklahomans just had to know more about "Caitlyn Jenner."   West Virginia might also be lumped into this section with it's fascination regarding "Magic Mike XXL," as well as the citizens of Iowa who were searching for information on the television show, "Bachelorette."

Hail to "the google" folks, it rules us all - and oh what a record it is compiling for our descendants!

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