Thursday, January 28, 2016

Big Win for Planned Parenthood in Texas

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Last summer a couple of surreptitious videos were released that purportedly showed officials from Planned Parenthood negotiating for the sale of fetal tissue. Although the tapes appeared to have been highly edited and basically dishonest in what they claimed to reveal, Republican politicians nonetheless used their release to go on a political rampage against the venerable women's health organization.

Nowhere was the faux outrage louder than in Texas.  One of the hidden-camera films had been made at a Planned Parenthood office in Houston.  The aggrandizing Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, who was in a hurry to make political hay, asked the Republican district attorney of Harris County (Houston), Devon Anderson, to initiate a criminal investigation of that local Planned Parenthood.   Anderson, dutifully towing the party line, promptly called a Grand Jury into session.

This week that same Grand Jury, after listening to months of laborious testimony, announced some indictments.  But first, before indicting anyone, they cleared Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing in the matter.


Then that same Grand Jury, instigated by Texas Republicans, God's own chosen, indicted two of the anti-abortion clowns who had been instrumental in making the sting videos.  The Grand Jury said that the videographers had distorted the government record.

Double whoops!

Sadly, in Texas as in most of red meat America, a slap in the face with the swift hand of truth will do nothing to diminish the irrational rage against Planned Parenthood.  These morons are on a mission from God, and truth is irrelevant.

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