Thursday, January 21, 2016

He's with Stupid, and So Is She!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This week billionaire bully Donald Trump made some more headlines when he sent his private jet to Alaska to fetch America's sweetheart grifter, Sarah Palin, and bring her to his traveling Court in Iowa.  Trump brought Palin in to endorse his quest for the presidency, which Miss Sarah, who appreciates traveling in style, promptly did.

There is no word yet on whether the New York real estate mogul had to buy her a new wardrobe for the announcement and subsequent campaign swing on his behalf.

Trump, who has had more bankruptcies than most people have had new cars, is a consummate showman who somehow manages to keep his name displayed prominently in the press, day after day, in news stories - thus saving the costs of running commercials which so belabor other candidates.  Palin, much like Trump, also never misses an opportunity to self-promote.

A  tabloid newspaper, The New York Post, carried a wildly funny cover the following day featuring a large color (photo-shopped) photograph of Trump and Palin standing next to each other and pointing at each other.  The enormous headline accompanying the photo read:  "I'm with stupid!"

No truer words . . .

At about the same time that Sarah Palin was down in Iowa stirring the evangelical voters with with her charm and oratorical prowess, her oldest son, Track, was home in Alaska being arrested for domestic abuse.  The recently divorced younger Palin had apparently beaten his girlfriend and waved around a loaded AR-15, all the while being good and drunk.

According to a piece in today's Daily Kos (, Mama Palin then took her part of the Trump circus to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a day or two later where she commented on her son's bad behavior and put the blame for his actions squarely where it belonged - on President Obama!  (And you know they had to love that in Tulsa!)  The matriarch of the family widely known for being one of the country's most dysfunctional, reasoned it this way.  Track is a combat war veteran who returned to the States "hardened" by his experiences in the Middle East.  And the young people who fought in that war have been let down by a President who failed to properly respect their sacrifices.  So, of course, they have to become domestic abusers.

Or some such drivel.

With people like Sarah Palin, things are always someone else's fault.

If Sarah feels the need to blame someone for the crappy way returning war vets are treated, particularly by their government, then she should focus on the other end of Capitol Hill - in the Capitol Building where the House and Senate continue to under-fund or completely ignore programs to help veterans successfully re-entry society.  And if she's tired of having out-of-wedlock grandchildren, perhaps she should take her abstinence-preaching daughter to a Planned Parenthood clinic where she could acquire some accurate information on birth control.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are both a couple of has-been reality television "stars" who couldn't run a hot dog stand at a national park, much less a national government.  An America that sees either of these two as a potential leader might as well cast its lot with a Kardashian, a Duggar, a Bundy, or one of those scary-looking oafs from Duck Dynasty.  And when that doesn't work out, people as intellectually gifted as Sarah Palin will be there to help blame the mess on Obama.

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

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