Friday, January 8, 2016

Fox Freaks Over Presidential Tears

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Fox News, a television tabloid platform that proudly boasts being "fair and balanced," continues to reign supreme as the most unbalanced news source in America.  I know this to be true because I was recently subjected to an unhealthy dose of its hateful swill while sitting in the waiting room of a local medical clinic.  Obviously, by the time I finally got in to see a medical provider, I had a throbbing headache in addition the issue that brought me there in the first place.

(The creation of extra stress among patients may be the idea behind piping that crap into the waiting room: more stress equals more symptoms which in turn equals more billing opportunities.  And if I sound a bit cynical, why I blame that on Fox News as well.)

The afternoon that I had to see a doctor (sudden medical issue, no appointment, and thus a long wait in their television torture chamber) was the same afternoon as President Obama had announced his executive orders trying to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.  And while the President's words enraged the good ol' boys up in the hills who have been impatiently waiting the past seven years for the war against that usurping colored fellow to begin, to others of us the President's actions bordered on being too little - way too late.

But at least he had acted - finally.

And Fox, a network that generates its income by whipping malcontents into a rabid froth, was having none of it.  The commentators' main focus of attack during the time I was trapped in the room being subjected to their nonsense was the presidential tears.   Fox ran, and re-ran, and re-ran the short clip of President Obama wiping a tear from his eye as he talked about the murdered first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The commentators seemed to suppose that the presidential tears were fake - just a bit of bad acting on Barack Hussein's part.

Of course all of that bad theater also seemed to be driving up the blood pressure of some of the old farts in the waiting room - good people who were probably incensed that the Godless Muslim would cry over anything!

But cry he did, and Fox was making the absolute most of it!

I cried, too - on the day all of those little kids were gunned down in their classroom.  We heard the news while at an office Christmas party, and many of those present were brought to tears.  Mine lasted all afternoon.

Surely to God, we all thought at the time, something would now be done to reign in the the tide of guns and senseless murder that was sweeping across America.   But the National Rifle Association and other agencies of the gun industry mustered their forces, reminded America that the real agenda remained that Obama was coming to get their guns, and nothing was done - except the loonies up in the hills who were itching to fight (or just itching) and drink more beer - rushed out and bought more guns and ammo.  The gun companies turned a big profit off of the gun deaths of little children, and the suffering public got nothing in return.

And who was the cheerleader for the whole gun-stockpiling frenzy - why, Fox News, of course.

So excuse me if I don't believe that a medical facility is an appropriate place to air television programming from a "news" agency that has no compassion or remorse for dead children - and excuse me if I admire a President who does.

Barack Obama is the person we should all aspire to be, and if he feels the need to cry, perhaps we all should cry as well.

Thank you, President Obama, for having the balls to just say no to the NRA.

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